Staged Ghost Tour of Edinburgh Underground

The bowels of the Scottish capital hide many secrets. In this theatrical tour we will discover the ghosts and mysteries of Edinburgh’s underground. Do you dare?

What is hidden under the streets of the Scottish capital? To find out, we’ll meet at the designated time at the intersection of High and Cockburn streets. There a character dressed in strange clothes will be waiting for us who will be in charge of guiding us through the Edinburgh underground.

We will explore the surroundings, corners and underbelly of the Royal Mile. Upstairs, oblivious to the bleak panorama beneath their feet, the living will have fun drinking pints of beer in the pubs or shopping. However, we will dedicate ourselves to investigating the terrible secrets that Edinburgh’s main street keeps.

Throughout this theatrical tour of the Edinburgh underground, we will learn about stories that have little to do with legend, as they are historically documented. Will we discover any secrets? We will only find the answer by entering the underground passageways.

When our eyes have become accustomed to the dim light of the crypts and their strange noises and smells, we will head to Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh’s haunted cemetery. In this holy cemetery rest the remains of various figures, whose anguished eternal rest has caused a multitude of paranormal phenomena over the centuries. We will review the most relevant ones before retracing our steps.

After a tour of one hour and 15 minutes, we will conclude the tour by returning to the meeting point. But before saying goodbye, you must remember one thing: if during the underground walk you have witnessed something strange, it will have been the fruit of your imagination… Or not.