Madrid Mysteries and Legends Tour

Madrid is a city full of these stories. Some have already revealed themselves; others, not yet. Get to know each other on our Mysteries and Legends Tour, which for two hours will show you “the B side” of the capital of Spain.

After organizing the groups and starting the visit in the Plaza de Pontejos, we will go to the La Latina neighborhood, one of the oldest and with the most stories in the city. On the tour through this neighborhood we will visit emblematic places such as the Puerta Cerrada, the Mercado de la Cebada or the San Isidro Museum (to, finally, go to the Plaza de Oriente crossing the Segovia Viaduct). The mythological origins of the city, the crimes that have devastated its streets or the strange miracles attributed to its patron will star in the stories of these stops.

Later we will stop in front of the Almudena Cathedral, one of the most important buildings in the city, with a history that goes back more than 100 years. There, you will learn a little more about the Christian conquest of Madrid and the legend of the Virgin of Almudena, its patron saint.

After crossing the fascinating illuminated Plaza de Oriente, we will end the tour at the Convento de la Encarnación, built in the 17th century in commemoration of the expulsion of the Moors from all Hispanic territories. This temple celebrates every year one of the strangest and most surprising paranormal phenomena in the entire country…

Join our Mysteries and Legends Tour, in which not even the Holy Inquisition will be spared from being part of a story that will shed some light on the shadows of Madrid!